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17.07.2018 | 19:17
Challenges of the Migrant Crisis in European Territories
Statement by the Justice and Peace Commission of the Croatian Conference of Bishops.
17.07.2018 | 19:07
Hero's Welcome for Mateo Kovačić, a Member of the Triumphant Croatian National Soccer Team, at the Parish of St. Anthony of Padua in Sesvetska Sela
16.07.2018 | 20:20
Archbishop Hranić: The Croatian national soccer team is a wholesome alternative for our current Croatian society
In a statement issued to Croatian Catholic Radio, Archbishop Đuro Hranić emphasized that the Croatian national soccer team provided a powerful lesson: when we are united, when we know how to be humble, when we do not argue, when we support each other, there is much that we can do together and there are such riches concealed in our people, in the Croatian citizens. This encourages us not to wait for ideal conditions but, with effort and diligence, to create a new atmosphere and be a wholesome alternative.
16.07.2018 | 14:39
Archbishop Barišić: I would like to see our soccer players' method for success applied in all areas of society.
Archbishop Marin Barišić of Split-Makarska commented on Croatian Catholic Radio about the Croatian national soccer team's silver medal at the FIFA World Cup in Russia, and the joy and pride felt throughout Croatia.
16.07.2018 | 12:30
Cardinal Bozanić: "You have restored hope and brought joy to your Croatian homeland."
The Archbishop of Zagreb, Cardinal Josip Bozanić, sent a letter of congratulations to the Croatian national soccer team and its head coach, Zlatko Dalić.
13.07.2018 | 13:33
Archbishop Devčić Was Awarded the Order of the Star of Italy
For his many years of promoting friendly relations and cooperation with the Italian national minority in the city of Rijeka.
12.07.2018 | 16:26
The President of the Croatian Conference of Bishops Congratulated the Croatian National Soccer Team and Its Coach, Zlatko Dalić
On July 12, the President of the Croatian Conference of Bishops, Archbishop Želimir Puljić of Zadar, congratulated the Croatian national soccer team and its coach, Zlatko Dalić. "I send you my heartfelt congratulations and want you to play in the finals that will crown your efforts, practices and teamwork with the same fervor, competence and enthusiasm, but also with modesty and humility," said the archbishop.
12.07.2018 | 15:34
Blanka Vlašić: After the Match, We Prayed a Decade of the Rosary in Gratitude to Our Lady
07.07.2018 | 16:12
The President of the Croatian Conference of Bishops Blesses the Croatian Catholic Network
On the occasion of the relocation of the Croatian Catholic Radio station to the new headquarters of the Croatian Conference of Bishops on Ksaver Street and its integration into the Croatian Catholic Network, the President of the CCB, Archbishop Želimir Puljić of Zadar; the President of the Council of the CCB for the Media, Archbishop Ivan Devčić of Rijeka; Anita Malenica of the Agency for Electronic Media; the Director of the Croatian Catholic Network, Msgr. Fabijan Svalina; and the Editor-in-Chief, Siniša Kovačić, were guests on a program broadcast on July 7 by Croatian Catholic Radio.
18.06.2018 | 20:14
Statement on Conscience by the Justice and Peace Commission of the Croatian Conference of Bishops
The president and secretary of the Justice and Peace Commission, Archbishop Đuro Hranić of Đakovo-Osijek and Dr. Vladimir Dugalić, presented a statement, Conscience: The Guardian of Human Dignity and Freedom, on June 18 at the headquarters of the Croatian Conference of Bishops in Zagreb.
02.06.2018 | 16:44
New Leadership of the World Federation of Catholic Medical Associations Elected
At the Twenty-Fifth Congress of the World Federation of Catholic Medical Associations (FIAMC), held in Zagreb, new leadership was elected at the General Assembly.
30.05.2018 | 22:47
Celebration of the Feast of Our Lady of the Stone Gate
Let us continue to be pilgrims to the Stone Gate that safeguards Mary's presence for the Church of Zagreb, for the city of Zagreb, and for all the people who venerate and invoke her as the Queen of the Croats, said Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, who, at the invitation of Cardinal Josip Bozanić, conducted Mass on May 30 in celebration of the feast of the patron saint of the city of Zagreb.
12.05.2018 | 13:12
Homily by Archbishop Želimir Puljić for the Annual Commemoration of the Bleiburg Tragedy
Bleiburg is a reminder and summons to view the past through the eyes of faith, with our gaze fixed on the One who guides the history of people and nations.
09.05.2018 | 19:37
Statement by the Permanent Council of the Croatian Conference of Bishops
The parish offices of our arch/dioceses have recently received letters concerning citizens' initiatives, The Truth about Istanbul and The People Decide, in regard to the collection of signatures for a referendum, with the request to inform the faithful in the churches and permit signatures to be collected on church premises. The authors of these letters assert that they have notified the Croatian bishops about this matter, which may create certain ambiguities. The Permanent Council of the Croatian Conference of Bishops does not consider such activities to be appropriate in places of worship and they should not be announced in churches, as this would interfere with Sunday services
30.04.2018 | 17:42
Celebration of the Episcopal Ordination of Msgr. Petar Petalić
29.04.2018 | 21:52
Statement by the Justice and Peace Commission of the Croatian Conference of Bishops
On the arbitration of the dispute with the Republic of Slovenia and the holding of an oral hearing on May 2, 2018, regarding the Slovenian request for an opinion from the European Commission
10.04.2018 | 20:29
Statement by the Croatian Conference of Bishops with Regard to the Ratification of the Convention of the Council of Europe on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence
We oppose the ratification of the Convention and believe that the Republic of Croatia, with its legal framework and implementation, can alone — and in a more effective manner than the measures and manner foreseen by the Convention — regulate the issue of preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence
14.03.2018 | 21:43
Press Conference on the Joint Session of the Croatian Conference of Bishops and the Bishops' Conference of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Commenting on the issue of the ratification of the Istanbul Convention in Croatia, Archbishop Puljić noted that the bishops do not accept some of the views expressed in the Convention but "wholeheartedly" support other parts relating to the protection of the vulnerable, the prevention of manipulation and exploitation, particularly women and children, but also every person.
09.03.2018 | 22:04
Bishop Slobodan Štambuk Issued a Message of Gratitude at the End of His Episcopate
"I should like to thank all those who accompanied me through my twenty-seven years as bishop with their goodness, help and availability when needed," said the visibly touched Bishop Štambuk, who announced that the episcopal ordination of Msgr. Petar Palić would take place in early May.
09.03.2018 | 22:02
Announcement of the Appointment of Msgr. Petar Palić as the Bishop of Hvar
Primiti pričest znači primiti živoga Krista koji nas preobražava iznutra
Papin nagovor uz molitvu Anđeo Gospodnji u nedjelju 19. kolovoza 2018.
Svetkovina Uznesenja Blažene Djevice Marije
Homilija splitsko-makarskoga nadbiskupa Marina Barišića, Sinj, 15. kolovoza 2018.

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